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Get organized with assets checklists and tech guide for List-Building, Live-Launch, and Evergreen funnels. 

Hey there!

I'm Janelle...

I’m a Digital Marketing Tech & Funnel Building Specialist

I’m also an adventure-seeking whitewater kayaker, mountain biker, hiker, camper, and lover of secret swimming holes.     

In my slice of the internet, people compliment me on how well I manage projects and pay attention to the details. 

For 20+ years I led corporate sales teams before moving into marketing strategy and tech integration for online entrepreneurs.

I’ve been building funnels for course creators and online coaches for over 6 years.

I’m the one clients turn to when they need someone to take ownership and complete their project done fast & really well

When you’re confident your systems are working, you’re free to focus on things only you can do in your business. 

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