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More time
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Working with Janelle is a dream!

She’s so proactive – and does all my thinking for me.

I completely trust her to make things profesh on the frontend – and the backend of the systems she implements are super organized and work seamlessly!

I love how she has checklists and stays on top of things (and helps ME stay on top of things!). And because she’s so thorough, I don’t feel like I have to spend a ton of time testing  – or worrying that things are going to break.

Janelle saves me oodles of time. But more importantly, she saves me brain space. Every business owner needs a Janelle in their life!


Launch strategist & Copywriter

I can go live with this right now and make sales!

“Janelle is very talented!

I was so impressed with the work she did for me!

She got me and my vision right away. And the sales page she did for me came back polished and ready to go.

I think this is the first time in four years someone has turned something in with no glaring mistakes. Glaring mistakes are so easy to make, but Janelle is so detailed with her work. I was like  – wow, I can go live with this right now and make sales!”



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Get it launched!

Get the Simple Guide to Marketing Tech
for Your Launch

Assets Checklists and Tech Guide for Evergreen, Live-Launch, & List Building Funnels

You know there's more to tech automation...but who has time to deal with it all?

Automation is key when you’re growing your business.

But building and managing systems that work and talk to each other takes time and patience….whether it’s for a list building, launch, or evergreen course funnel. 

And working on the backend of your business can pull your attention away from more important things — like serving clients and hitting your revenue goals.

It’s not your fault. You shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to find that darn button. 

Tech is complicated. And nobody has the time to map it all out. 

Plus, the complexity of your systems can increase as your business grows. 

  • Zaps
  • Tagging
  • Schedulers
  • Segmentation


It’s hard to imagine this software’s made for ease.

You're a Visionary...

How about an integrator behind the scenes to bring your ideas to life?

Whether you have a single project or need ongoing support, here are a few ways we can work together!

Done-For-You Marketing Tech Packages

Elevate your launch funnel, architect an efficient Evergreen course funnel, or streamline a complex workflow; reduce anxiety knowing your tech will deliver peak performance when it matters most. 

No broken buttons, ever.

Tech Audit & Email
Strategy Sessions

Optimize your existing tech stack get help choosing a new one, or get a tech strategy in place for your next launch…save time & money + increase conversions.

Email personalization strategy sessions for a more engaged email list and higher conversions!


Monthly Support
Custom Packages

Bring aboard a tech expert to have at your fingertips.

Get reliable help with ongoing strategy and implementation so that you can say goodbye to patchwork project management.

Just who is this unicorn ready to swoop in and take a load off your shoulders?

I'm Janelle...
Digital Marketer & Funnel
Tech Specialist!

I’m also an adventure-seeking whitewater kayaker, mountain biker, hiker, camper, and lover of secret swimming holes.     

In my slice of the internet, people compliment me on how well I manage projects and pay attention to the details. 

For 20+ years I led corporate sales teams before moving into marketing strategy and tech integration for online entrepreneurs. 

I’m the one clients turn to now when they need someone to take ownership and complete their project really well

When you’re confident your systems are working, you’re free to focus on things only you can do in your business. 

Hiring a tech pro is the best investment you can make in your business and the only way you can grow.

With the right person on your team you can...

Increase your revenue!

Create a seamless customer experience so your clients feel well cared for and continue to buy from you (and pass your name to friends!)

Clear the mental clutter!

Ditch the heavy thinking and actually leave the house during a launch without worrying your tech might break. 


Focus on new opportunities!

Fuel your business growth with a quick learner (me!) by your side who can take your ideas and run with them so you can stay in your lane as CEO & Visionary. 

What my clients are saying...

I won the lottery with Janelle!
She's always faster and more thorough than I need her to be- and more meticulous and organized.

And because of her, I can show up peacefully and be 100% present in my work. No more frustration or overwhelm.

Janelle also possesses the ability to intuit people. It's a talent. She gets me, even though we're not alike. She understands my vision and how I operate as an individual and an entrepreneur. I seriously won the lottery with her!

Aideen T. Finnola
Professional Life Mentor, Teacher, & Author
Janelle is a huge asset to my team.
She's extremely organized and efficient and an absolute delight to work with. She's fun and has a good heart. And she thinks of stuff I don't!

What I appreciate most is her combination of office efficiency and people skills. My program is a high-end program, and I want to take top care of making the investment.

Janelle answers questions and makes sure my clients feel nurtured and cared for. And that's a big help, especially for high-investment programs.

Alan Cohen
Bestselling Author, Holistic Coach Trainer
Working with Janelle has given me so much more time! She's AMAZING!
From the beginning she's been so helpful with keeping me organized and focused on where I need to spend my time.

Janelle's a great fit for anyone who is looking for someone who truly cares about the work they are doing. When working with her, I know she is treating my business as if it is HER business.

She takes the extra mile to make sure everything is working the way we need it to to create results.

Meg Kozlowski, MPH
Nutritionist, Coach, & Biz Mentor

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